Project Engineering and Consulting

Mining, industrial and civil engineering projects

Quality and efficiency in the execution of engineering and strategic consulting projects in the field of natural resources, industry and civil works.

Industry, Mining and Works

Project Engineering

Proyectos mineros

Mining and explosives projects

Mining and quarrying, exploration, restoration plans, explosives and blasting projects

Sondeos y pozos para aguas y geotermia

Drilling and wells for water and geothermal energy

For the delivery of irrigated, thermal, mineral and geothermal water. Hydrogeological studies.

Valoraciones y tasaciones

Valuations, appraisals and experts

Valuation of mining and industrial assets, expropriations, judicial expert opinions for courts

Formación sector minero


Training in preventive matters and maintenance of facilities, for the mining, industrial and other sectors

Instalaciones y naves industriales

Industrial facilities and buildings

Electrical installations, construction of industrial buildings and foundations.

Consultoría estratégica


Expert advice on investment projects, urban planning, financial advice on the purchase and sale of assets, definition of strategic plans

Environmental impact

Environmental impact studies, preparation of the environmental scope document, waste management


Energy efficiency study

Certificate of energy efficiency of homes, premises, industrial buildings. Energy audit, efficiency of electrical installations

Opening licenses

Opening licenses for industrial and commercial projects. Geotechnical studies.

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Quality and efficiency in the execution of engineering projects, strategic consulting for optimal decision making in large investment projects in the industrial, natural resources and civil works fields.

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